3 Reasons To Install A Hybrid Generator

Posted on: 25 August 2023

If you aren't sure which type of generator to install in your facility, then you should look at hybrid systems. These generators combine the use of conventional fuels with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

What are the advantages of buying a hybrid generator?

1. Hybrid Generators Are Better for the Environment

If you have to meet environmental standards or simply want your company to become more environmentally responsible, then regular diesel, gas, or oil generators might not meet these requirements. Relying on non-renewable power isn't good for the environment. Your emissions might be uncomfortably high.

However, if you use a hybrid generator, then you get the advantages of using non-renewable energy without all of its downsides. Your generator will use renewable energy when it is available, but it can switch to regular power sources when it needs to. You get the working power you need without causing excess environmental harm. Your emissions and carbon footprint will go down.

2. Hybrid Generators Are Cheaper

If you use a traditionally powered generator, then you will have potentially high fuel costs. You have to pay to operate the generator. Your costs will fluctuate according to market prices.

However, if you install a hybrid system, then your costs go down. You don't have to use conventional fuel sources all of the time. Your system will use free solar, wind, or battery power some or all of the time. You might also qualify for government incentives to buy this kind of system. This reduces your purchasing costs.

3. Hybrid Generators Give You Energy Security

If you have power supply problems, then you can't use your generator. You might also have problems getting it to run completely efficiently during peak-load production cycles.

Hybrid generators give you some energy security. For example, if you can't source conventional fuel, say because of a market shortage, then your generator can still run on its renewable fuel source. Or, if you run out of renewable fuel, say when weather conditions affect your solar panels or wind turbines, then you simply switch to using conventional fuel. Your generator should operate at optimal conditions all of the time.

Plus, these generators often manage large peak loads more efficiently. A dual-fuel system can give you the extra power you need at times when your electricity supply struggles to cope. 

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