Questions To Know The Answers To Before Investing In Oilfield Housing

Posted on: 1 August 2019

Providing your work crew with a good place to relax after their shifts are done is one of the best ways to ensure employee retention for the long term. Oilfield housing units can be set up on-site or near the worksite so they are convenient to access every day, and the investment in these units can make more financial sense than paying per-diem rates to employees to cover the costs of hotel or motel stays. However, investing in oilfield housing is a major financial move for your oilfield operation, so it must be taken seriously. Here is a look at some of the things you should know before you start reaching out to oilfield housing unit providers. 

Do you want your employees to have private units?

You can go with fully private units that get assigned individually to each employee or you can go with larger units that are shared among multiple members of the team. For instance, if you have a small oilfield operation and only need to house ten on-site employees at a time, it may be a better choice to go with one larger unit that contains several bunk spaces, a bathroom, and a small kitchen/living area combination room. Private units do not have to be all that large to suffice; they can just be a small bedroom-sized unit with all of the necessities. 

Will you need a communal bathroom or shower area?

If you do not want to pay the expense of installing full plumbing in each oilfield housing unit, it may be more feasible if you have a communal shower and bathroom area for all of the people living in the vicinity. For areas where access to water and sewer can be limited, this can also be the most logical solution. Of course, giving employees each their own private bathroom in their living space can be a generous provision. 

Do you have a general idea of how large each unit should be?

This is a big thing to consider before you reach out to a provider. You may prefer larger, family-size units for your employees if you have an operation that runs for several months out of the year, or you may just need modestly-sized bunkhouses that hold several bunks and a small kitchenette. There are a lot of different options, and it is not uncommon for oilfield owners to choose primarily one unit size for the employees and a few larger units for executives.

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