Material Handling Equipment Must-Haves: What Types of Equipment Will Come in Handy in a Warehouse?

Posted on: 1 November 2018

If you have recently opened your own warehouse because your business is booming and you have a lot of customers wanting to purchase the items you sell, you will need to have the right material handling equipment inside your warehouse. The materials that are in boxes and containers are usually heavy, and you would not want to get stuck lifting those items when it is time to transport them. The best thing to do is invest in the types of equipment that will make your job a bit easier.

Convertible Hand Trucks

If you are going to need to transport small boxes from one spot to the next, having a few convertible hand trucks in your warehouse will come in handy. These hand trucks do not take up much space and will prevent you or any of your employees from always lifting those heavy boxes for such long distances. Rather than lifting the boxes and putting all the weight of those items on your back, you can pile them on the hand truck and quickly roll them to where you would like to put them inside the warehouse or even out on the loading dock where a truck may be waiting for the boxes.

Pallet Jack Truck

While small boxes conveniently fit on the convertible hand trucks, that is not the case for larger items in your warehouse, including pallets that are loaded with different goods. If you have large items that must be transported and possibly taken to the loading dock for a pickup, larger pallet jack trucks are a must-have. These trucks can handle heavy loads because they are made of a strong steel material. Some jack trucks come with features that will allow you to adjust the position to make it easier to load items on and off the truck at your convenience. Find out the weight capacity on the different pallet jack trucks before buying them so that you are completely aware of how much stuff you can put on these trucks without causing damage to them.

If you are now running a warehouse, getting the right material handling equipment is something you need to do to make the job easier on you and anyone else who works with you. In addition to the convertible hand trucks and the pallet jack trucks, you should look for any other equipment that could come in handy during the workday, such as forklifts, electric pallet trucks, and even hi-lift skid trucks, all of which make it easier to handle heavy materials and transport them if need be.