4 Different Types Of Industrial-Sized Boilers

Posted on: 29 June 2018

If the facility you take care of needs a new boiler, or needs to use a new type of broiler, you need to understand the different types of industrial-sized boilers that your facility can use. Here is a quick rundown of what an electric boiler, condensing boiler, watertube boiler, and firetube boiler are and how they function. This information should help you determine what type of boiler your facility needs.

Electric Boilers

If you need to install a boiler that is quiet and clean, an electric boiler is the way to go. They do not make that much noise and do not create that much pollution. If you need to install a boiler that will meet NOx and emission standards that are really rigorous, an electric boiler is the way to go.

Electrical boilers are able to meet strict emission standards because they do not have exhaust stacks or fuel handling equipment. This is also what makes electric boilers easier to keep clean and maintain, due to the lack of combustion.

Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are powered by either gas or oil. Condensing boilers are great at achieving high levels of thermal efficiency. A unique feature of condensing boilers is that the boiler doesn't just use the steam created by the boiler, the boiler also stores and uses the latent heat that is produced through the vaporization process of the steam from the boiler. If you need a boiler that is highly efficient and doesn't waste any heat for your facility, a condensing boiler is a good choice.

Watertube Boilers

Watertube boilers are very large pieces of machinery that have extensive water tubs as well as drums that connect the tubes together. Watertube boilers use hot water and stream to create heat.

If you need heat for an application, you can get just the right amount of heat with a watertube boiler, where the combustion process is centered in the tubes.

Firetube Boiler

If you need water that is really hot, you need a firetube boiler. They can be used to create hot water in situations that require either high-pressure steam or low-pressure steam. The range of the steam can be adjusted to fit your specific operation.

Firetube boilers have intricate systems that use a combination of cylindrical tubes that connect the combustion gases together with the flame. In order for a firetube boiler to be as effective as possible, it needs to have a design where integration was the focus.

If you are looking for used boilers for sale, you need to know what your goals are. This article will help you narrow your focus and pick the right new boiler for your facility.