The Benefits of Using Rubber Grommets Over Grommets Made of Other Materials

Posted on: 14 December 2016

Grommets are used in many industries, from shoes to cars and beyond. Grommets are protective, covering up any raw or tough edges of a hole. The purpose of a grommet is to create a safe passageway for materials to go through a hole. Grommets also hold wires in place, preventing breakage caused by wires rubbing against abrasive surfaces. Grommets are made out of a wide variety of materials, but one of the most widely used types of grommets is the rubber grommet

Benefits of Using Rubber Grommets

The benefits of using rubber grommets include:

  • Grommets made out of rubber withstand heat, cold, and water more effectively than those made of metal. They can be used in outdoor applications as well as in the automotive industry.
  • Rubber grommets aren't destroyed by UV light as readily as other variations, and they are less susceptible to destruction from ozone.
  • Rubber grommets can be used in applications where high heat resistance is needed. These grommets are specifically useful in the auto industry, where they protect cords from engines and other hot elements.
  • Grommets made from rubber last longer and are more difficult to tear. This makes rubber grommets the best choice when it comes to cost and durability.
  • Rubber grommets stay in place and rarely become dry or cracked.
  • This type of grommets handles major temperature extremes, unlike those made from other materials.

Ease of Using Rubber Grommets 

It's easier to use rubber grommets because they only need to be installed on one side. If the space is tight, the rubber grommet doesn't take up much space. Since you don't have to screw the grommet into place, it's easier to install than a metal grommet and doesn't cause repetitive strain injuries. It's cheaper to use a rubber grommet, and the opening stays sealed once the grommet has been installed.

Saved Money and Time with Rubber Grommets

When you run a business, finding ways to save time and money are essential. If your production costs are rising, and you aren't using rubber grommets in a variety of applications, it's time to take a look at your options. When your business relies heavily on the use of grommets, finding the most effective grommets for the lowest price can make a big difference to your overall profits. The time it takes to install a rubber grommet is lower than the time taken with other grommets, saving you precious employee time. If your business is large, the smallest changes to your production techniques can still have a large impact.