3 Foundation Repairs That Can Save Your Settling Home From Further Damage

Posted on: 12 October 2016

If your home is settling unevenly, this can cause serious structural damage. Some settling damage can be unsightly, causing cracks in drywall and windows and doors to become out of square. As your home continues to settle, these problems may continue to worsen. This is why it is important to correct settling problems to prevent further structural damage. Here are some foundation repairs that may help you avoid further structural damage to your home:

1. Settling Causing Structural Problems And Visible Damage

Settling can be a problem that can cause visible damage in your home. Sometimes, the damage can be inside your home with cracked drywall, damaged trim, and crooked windows and door openings. On the exterior, it can be seen in masonry, siding that is out of level, and visible cracks. To correct these problems, piers can be added and your home jacked up. Once the foundation is secure, you will be able to continue with some of the cosmetic repairs that need to be done.

2. Cracking Foundations Causing Water To Get In Basement Areas

Your foundation can also be a problem when it begins to crack. Sometimes, the cracks may be hardly noticeable and allow water to get in your home. This can happen in homes with basements or areas of exterior walls that are below the exterior grade level. Water can begin to get in your home can cause damage, which can mean that repairs are needed. The cracks can be fixed by a foundation repair contractor and the structure inspected for signs of damage or problems that need to be addressed.

3. Settling In Soft Soils Causing Structural Damage And Sinking

Sometimes, settling can cause damage to different areas of your home, which may be due to soft soils. If you live in an area with soft soils, such as near swamps, deltas or low coastal areas, this can be a major problem. There are many solutions that you may want to consider for these problems, such as piers, which are driven into the soil to correct the problem. It can also be uneven settling that causes the problem, which a tensioned concrete system can help to correct and prevent the foundation from settling unevenly.

These are some foundation repairs that may help you avoid further structural damage with your home. If you need to support foundation settling problems, buy corner blocks (form companies like Classy Corners LLC) that can help prevent further settling while you wait for repairs.