Two Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Industrial Battery

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Getting the most use out of an industrial battery isn't just important for productivity and efficiency, it can also be positive for your bottom line by helping minimize costs. Do you know how to extend the life of your battery? If not, the process is actually rather easy. There are a number of practical ways in which you can accomplish this goal; here are just some of the methods.

Avoid A Dead Battery

A common misconception is the idea that it's better to allow a battery to completely drain before charging it – this is incorrect information. In fact, this type of practice will only do more harm than good. When you allow your battery to deplete completely, this requires a deep charge to restore the battery's power. A deep charge is basically an extended charge, meaning the process takes longer.

To put this in better perspective, when a battery's power is only 50 percent depleted it won't have to charge as long as a battery that has had 95 percent of its power depleted. The primary problem this causes is that the longer the charge, the hotter the electrical components inside the battery will get. Higher heat levels can actually damage these components. This is especially the case if this is a common practice. Make it a point to charge your industrial batteries before the power levels get too low.

Inspect Water Levels

Make it a common practice to inspect the water levels of your industrial battery. Although often overlooked, the water level of a battery plays one of the most critical roles in its function. When the battery is in use, the water is separated, with its oxygen going to the positive plate and its hydrogen going to the negative plate. With regular use the water levels will gradually go down.

Once this occurs, the plates won't sufficiently be covered with water and instead be exposed to air. The water keeps the plates moist. However, prolonged exposure to air can cause the plates to dry out, which can cause them to fail, permanently. The longer, and more often, the plates are exposed to air, the worse the damage. Make it a habit to check the water levels of the battery regularly.  

The greater the effort you put into caring for and charging your industrial battery correctly, the more use you will get out of your investment. Make certain you are working hard to protect your battery and your investment. Talk to local providers, such as Enterprise Battery Corporation, for more information.