Four Ways To Use Discarded Pallets

Posted on: 7 March 2016

Pallets are standard wooden platforms that are used to separate items during shipping and to make it easier to stack large bundles of merchandise in warehouses. However, once the products are loaded off of a ship or moved out of a warehouse, these wooden frames are usually discarded. Savvy consumers can often get them for free from manufacturing, shipping and wholesale companies. Why would you want to do this? Because wooden pallets can be transformed into a number of usual and attractive items . . . if you use just a little creativity.

Re-using discarded pallets is not only economical, but it is also good for the environment, as it keeps extra items from entering America's landfills.

Ideas for using discarded pallets

1. Hanging planters. Create an herb garden without taking up a lot of space in your yard by turning a pallet on its end and adding small horizontal boards at the cross pieces to support small pots of herbs. You can stain or paint the pallet or just leave it "au naturel." Add a small piece of chalkboard or paint the edges with chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

2. Entryway table. Do you have a narrow space by your front door that needs something to make it look finished, but that is too small a space for a regular sofa table? Turn a pallet on its side, paint it and add a narrow board on the top. You'll have the perfect piece to add that finishing touch to your entry, as well as a place to set your keys and mail when you arrive home.

3. Balcony or patio seating. You can make futon-like lounge seating for your outdoor living spaces by stacking two pallets and then using boards from a third pallet to construct the back support. Paint and add colorful cushions. You can also add a coordinating coffee table by stacking two pallets and painting the unit.

4. A bike rack. The spaces between the boards on a pallet are naturally-suited for bicycles. You can simply stain or paint the pallet and set it near your door or inside your garage for an attractive way to store your bikes, yet to still have them accessible when you want to take a ride.

Pallets may seem like trash, but these sturdy, wooden frames can be used to create a number of unique, attractive and useful pieces. Make sure to stop the next time you see a sign advertising available pallets.