Ionic Or HEPA Filtration – Which Will Do Best In Your Home?

Posted on: 11 February 2016

Air pollution inside your home can contribute to several health issues. It can cause allergy symptoms to worsen, trigger asthma attacks and according to some studies, damage heart and blood vessels. Cleaning the air in your home can improve your health, but how do you go about doing it?

You have probably seen advertisements for ionic air purifiers and heard about HEPA filtration air purifiers, so how do you choose which type of system to go with for your home? 

Before you go out and drop money on an air purifying system for your home, take a few minutes to learn the truth about these systems.

Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic air purifiers are said to remove pollutants from the air by releasing negatively charged ions into the air. These ions are supposed to attract the pollutants and whisk them back to the device to be collected and trapped on plates inside the machine.

One of the benefits of these systems is the fact that they don't use fans which makes them nearly silent. Many of the air purification systems are fairly noisy and can be distracting or annoying in the home.

The problem with ionic air purifiers not using fans to circulate the air or pull the dirty air into the machine is that it causes problems with the air that is located away from the machine going untreated.

HEPA Filtration Systems

HEPA filtration systems are utilized by industries of all kinds. Health care facilities opt to install HEPA filtration systems to provide their patients with the clean air they need to heal and to protect them from the airborne contaminants that could complicate medical issues.

These HEPA filtration systems circulate air throughout a structure and pull the dirty air into the system using ventilation systems. Once the dirty air is pulled in, it is cycled through a carefully designed filtration system that removes virtually all of the pollutants out of the air before releasing it back into the air in the building.

Smaller units are available for individual room use or larger units for whole-house air cleaning.

If you are looking for an air cleaning system to keep the air in your home clean, talk with your local air cleaning system expert to find the system that will remove the contaminants and pollutants from your home and keep your air healthy, fresh and pollutant free for the foreseeable future.