How To Prevent Grease From Entering The Septic System

Posted on: 24 December 2015

Grease refers to animal fats, vegetable oils and lard. These substances can be harmful to a septic system when they are introduced in large quantities. While it may be difficult to completely prevent grease from being disposed in your septic system, it is important to reduce how much grease enters your septic system and to also use enzymes to break down grease. 

What Grease Does To Your System

When grease accumulates in a septic system, it prevents bacteria from completely breaking down your waste. Also, grease does not break down easily and will eventually clog your septic tank. Then, the septic tank will back up and this can damage the septic system. Also, grease can combine with toilet paper and paper towels to form a hard crust that is even more likely to clog your septic system. Even without grease, tissues and paper towels can clog the septic system and you should only use toilet paper designed to be used with a septic system.

Properly Disposing Of Grease

You will likely have leftover jars from the food that you buy. Rather than throwing away the jars, hold onto them and use them for the storage of grease. The lid will allow you to conveniently prevent the grease from spilling. When you have finished cooking on a skillet, after you have removed the food, tilt your skillet and allow the grease to slide from the skillet into the jar. If you wait too long, the grease will harden and it will be more difficult to remove it. Use a paper towel to wipe down plates and pans before rinsing them in the sink. Simply throw the jar and the grease-soaked paper towels in the garbage.

Do not use bath oils and conditioners excessively. Pick a day of the week when you will use these oils and abstain the rest of the week. The oils also can clog the septic system. Also, if you have applied a tanning oil, wipe the oil off before entering the shower.

Breaking Down Grease

Enzymes can help the grease that is in your septic tank break down more quickly. These are chemicals that are designed to accelerate chemical reactions. Also, if you have your septic tank pumped out regularly, this will remove most of the grease and will prevent the damage that can result. Protecting your septic system requires diligence, but if you are successful, you will prevent a much more expensive repair bill.

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