Ingenious Ideas For Repurposing Aluminum Sheets Around The House

Posted on: 15 December 2015

Aluminum sheets are an incredibly convenient material to have around if you are in the middle of a home remodel or construction project and if you are like a lot of homeowners, you have the tendency to buy a little more than what you actually need. Those thin metal aluminum sheets that you have tucked away in the garage or storage may have been sitting since the last DIY project you tackled, but they definitely do have more than a few ways that they can be used around the house. Here are a few ingenious ways you can make use of the leftover aluminum sheets that you have hanging around.

Radiate Heat More Efficiently

Aluminum naturally deflects heat, which is something you may recall if you ever saw your parents tuck a piece of aluminum foil in behind a radiator so the space would get warmer faster. Aluminum sheeting can be used in the same way if you have a space heater or even a wood stove in your house. Place the sheet of metal behind the heater or wood stove to deflect the heat away from the wall and outward toward the rest of the room. You will see a notable difference in how warm the area stays with this one little trick and may even find yourself heading back to the metal fabrication shop to pick up a few more sheets for other areas in the house.

Reflect Sunlight to Eliminate Issues with Solar Heat Rays

If you have a garage that is frequently plagued by heat through the summer because it is not climate controlled like the rest of the house, there may be something that you can use the aluminum sheets for to help. Measure the garage windows that are in place, whether it is on the doors or otherwise, and cut the aluminum sheets down so that they will fit perfectly over the windows. Attach the new window covers in place with steel U-brackets if you have them on hand. The aluminum will not just keep solar rays blocked out, but will reflect the heat back outward into the atmosphere, helping you to keep a cooler garage.

Just as it is with most industrial-related products, you can usually find multiple purposes for aluminum sheet metal that you have stowed away from your last project. Check with a sheet metal distributor like Garelick Steel to get more creative ideas for aluminum sheeting in your home.